Industry, a start

I’m bad when it comes to making ISK. A few weeks ago, when I started playing EvE again, a friend of mine decided to go back to null. 
In doing so he wanted to sell all of the things he had in High Sec, the ones from the corp (all 4 of us!) had priority when it came to things we could buy. And he was nice enough to give us 10% off the jita price (yay).

At that time I had about 7b in liquid ISK, so I bought a few things. Seeing that I wanted to start really producing things instead of just having the indy character being able to create things but not doing it. I bought all of his invention containers (which was about 1b in stuff), I bought his obelisk, his orca.

And last but not least, in order to do inventing myself. I bought the corporation we were in, seeing that we had a Large POS and he was going to break it down. (The pos was something we had set up back in January but he was the only one that used it.)

After all of that I had about 2b left, and I was ready to start my carreer as an inventor. I only had one slight problem, I had no idea how it worked and turns out that I didn’t have the skills for it. But that didn’t stop me and I quickly skilled up to 3 on a few of them and started my invention runs.

So here I am, a month later, having spent most of my cash and I made about 400m in return, I guess it’s a pretty good investment seeing that I’m already making money from it, but I’m not that good with all the numbers, and there are times when most of the factories are just standing there, doing nothing.

As of this writing I only have 1 manufacturing job going, mostly because I was too lazy to go to Jita to get more Morphite.

Yeah, I’m a lazy carebear…